How To Make Sure Your Liver Is Healthy

How To Make Sure Your Liver Is HealthyThe liver is responsible for quite a number of bodily functions. It helps aid in digestion because whatever we eat and drink has to pass through our liver before being digested. The fact that needs to be understood is that unhealthy habits can help ruin the liver and once it starts to decline there is simply no looking back. It is therefore essential to eat healthy and live an active lifestyle to keep the liver working at its optimum best.



The following are the few functions of the liver

  • It can help filter the harmful chemicals in medications and alcohol
  • Its responsible for regulating the hormones in the body
  • It regulates blood sugar levels as well
  • Stores all the energy from the various nutrients which we eat
  • Helps make proteins
  • It also produces bile and other enzymes present in the body.

According to Dr Ray Chung, MD, ckeeping the liver healthy means avoiding certain harmful substances which might be bad for the liver.

Caring For Your Liver

  • Stay away from alcohol, alcohol is known to cause liver scarring and damaging it. It is advisable to limit yourself to no more than 1 or 2 glasses a day.
  • Often people who don’t drink might also suffer from non alcoholic liver disease. The main reason for this is a fatty liver which might lead to liver cirrhosis. In fact this can be avoided completely by losing weight and following a healthier lifestyle.
  • Certain pain killers like acetaminophen like Tylenol can cause damage to the liver. Children under 18 years of age should avoid taking it as well. Instead try taking medicines with water instead of taking them with alcohol. This combination is pretty potent and can harm the liver.
  • Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A, B and C. hepatitis can be fatal and is known to damage the liver completely. Similarly hepatitis can cause the liver to become inflamed. Hepatitis B and C can also be sexually transmitted. So it’s better to have safe sex and a complete know how of how different hepatitis can attack your body. Stay alert and stay vaccinated.
  • Certain herbal medications can lead to scarring of the liver. Herbs like cascara, comfrey and ephedra are known to be potentially harmful to the liver. Though there are certain herbs available in the market, which claim to help restore the liver functions like milk thistle etc, but there is not enough research to back these claims and can present a risk in itself.
  • Research has proved that drinking coffee can help lower the risk of liver disease. Though the exact reason for this hasn’t been found yet but it’s thought that the chemicals present in coffee can ward off the harmful substances which may be bad for the liver.

Be aware that the liver can take years of abuse but once it starts degenerating it can cause a great deal of sickness and can be fatal.

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HOW TO MAINTAIN THE HEALTH OF YOUR HEARTA cardiac condition is disease that affects the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. When the heart is working well, there is a good supply of blood and oxygen to the vital organs and other parts of the body. When there is inadequate supply of blood to the vital organs, the individual suffers from other serious illnesses and it can even result to death. The conditions that may occur because of inadequate supply includes stroke.

The following tips will help in maintain the health of the heart:

Stop smoking and using tobacco

Smoking is one of the major causes of heart disease. This is because of nicotine and other chemicals that are contained in the cigarettes. These chemicals can cause damage to the blood vessels and the heart and this can cause them to narrow leading to stroke. The carbon monoxide that is contained in cigarettes replaces the oxygen that is found in blood. These forces the heart to work harder as it tries to ensure that all parts of the body are well supplied with blood. This in turn increases the blood pressure.


It is advisable to exercise for at least 15 to 30 minutes daily or for most days of the week. This will help to keep the heart working well and therefore help in prevention of cardiac conditions. Exercise will also help to maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity. When one has increased weight, they tend to have conditions that can have a negative effect on the heart and this includes diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. Taking part in other activities is also part of exercise and this includes housekeeping chores, gardening and taking stairs instead of the elevator.

Taking a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet will help in prevention of cardiac conditions together with other diseases therefore maintaining good health. It is advisable to take Mediterranean diet as it has all nutrients that are needed to maintain a healthy heart. One should take a diet that is rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, fish and proteins that contain low fat. It is advisable to limit the intake of Trans-fat and saturated fats as this can clog the blood vessels thus interfering with blood flow.

Keep weight in good check

It is important to maintain a healthy weight in order to keep the heart in good function. Obesity especially in cases where a lot of fat is contained around the middle and upper part of the body is risky as it can negatively impact the functioning of the heart. Excess weight in the body will lead to diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and this will elevate the chances of getting heart diseases. To know whether one has a healthy weight; it is advisable to calculate the body mass index (BMI) as it considers the weight and height to determine whether one is obese or has the optimum weight.

Go for regular check ups

High cholesterol levels and high blood pressure can greatly affect the health of the heart. It is advisable to go frequently for checkups to keep a balance in the body. One should have the blood pressure screening, cholesterol and diabetes screening as they all have an effect on the heart.

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What are the benefits of exercise for the aged?

What are the benefits of exercise for the agedIt is common knowledge that exercise is good for you. But just how good is this especially for people above the age of 60? This is a very important question given that many in this age group already have difficulty doing relatively routine tasks such as walking up a flight of stairs. Given this situation, it is no doubt quite difficult to get anyone in this age group to work out, unless…you can convince them on its importance.

Prevalence of accidents from falls among the aged

The above issue has been very widely discussed and could help in encouraging your loved ones to exercise regularly. In relation to the point mentioned above, it has been observed that majority of hospitalization incidence and expenditure by individuals in this age group can be attributed to falls and accidents. It goes without saying that as we age we are likely to lose strength and our coordination and ability to do routine tasks begins to wane.

Because of the above mentioned facts many aged people slip while going down the stairs or trying to walk down a sloping path and end up in hospital nursing an injury. Prevention is better than cure, this couldn’t be truer. The difficulty in healing and time, not to mention the many hospital visits in between should be adequate reason to at least indulge in some form of exercise in a bid to stay healthy or at the very least stay away from hospital.

Is Exercise useful for fall Prevention?

Given the need to prevent falls and impaired mobility among older people, a group of researchers undertook a study to assess whether maintaining physical activity was useful for injury prevention. This was found very important because 30% of adults aged over 65 fall almost once annually and these falls contribute to hospitalization of large proportion of people in this age group. In addition to that using a simple screening mechanism, professionals were able to identify those prone to falls and surprisingly over 50% of these do indeed fall within 12 months of screening. So why wait?

To accurately conclude the hypothesis, the researchers went through all material that investigated the role of physical activity and how these correlated to strength, endurance and balance. Emphasis was placed on community based physical activity though other considerations were included such as water based physical activity. However in general the study found that throughout all prior studies on the subject, all adults of ages 40-65 who were engaged in regular physical activity were better off as far as overall strength, balance and endurance was concerned. Because of this it could be assumed that this category was also much less likely to fall and be affected by injuries that would normally occur. The reason being their muscles were stronger owing to the physical activity. An important point excluded from the study however is the intensity and type of physical activity. This is important given that the studies included for assessment varied in degree and intensity of physical activity with some using high intensity anaerobic exercise with 10-15 reps repeated 3 times and done thrice per week, while other used walking and jogging for assessment. However, finding an ideal exercise should not be a challenge given the amount of information of what gets worked out and how much while rowing, cycling, walking, etc.

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How to Make Your Exercise Routine More Enjoyable

How to Make Your Exercise Routine More EnjoyableLet’s face it not everyone finds exercise enjoyable and fun. With most people having difficulties finding time to exercise and finding the right motivation to include it in their weekly routine, the tendency is for some to end up having an inactive and sedentary lifestyle. Considering that there are many health benefits that you can get in having regular exercise, you should constantly motivate yourself. There are definitely ways for you to make your exercise more appealing and fun. Who says exercise has to be dull and boring?

Know Where You Want to Work Out

Not everyone wants to work out in the gym. If you have a different preference, you should not force it out on yourself. After all, there are lots of options when it comes to working out. According to Dr. Merle Myerson, a cardiologist in New York, the very first thing that you have to figure out is to find a setting that appeals to you. For instance, do you prefer to work out in the gym or do you prefer to do it outdoors? If you want a more dynamic setting, you can go for outdoor activities.

Choose an Exercise that Is Fun

Since you will be spending hours doing your exercise routine in a week, you should definitely go for an exercise that you find fun and enjoyable. This would differ depending on your choice. If you prefer to have outdoor exercise, you can go for running, hiking, cycling, etc. This is one enjoyable exercise routine that allows you to go to different places and to even join marathons and other events. For those who are really having a hard time with these rigorous exercises, they might want to participate in dance classes like zumba, aerobic exercises, etc.

What is convenient?

Aside from taking into consideration what you find fun and what you like, you also have to see if your chosen physical activity is convenient. With a hectic daily schedule, it is really challenging to allot some of your time. So, it is essential that you know what is convenient. For instance, if you want to enroll in a fitness center, you can do it on weekends or prior to going to work. For outdoor activities, you will really have to fix your schedule and make sure it fits.

Other Forms of Exercise

Exercise has a lot of good health benefits. From helping you remove stress to boosting your immune system to improving your over-all health, it is strongly recommended by experts that you take time to exercise. It is a common misconception that to exercise you have to go to the gym. In fact, any physical activity can be considered a form of exercise. According to a medical doctor from the Heart Health Program for Grace Clinic in Texas, any can be considered as exercise like walking, biking, swimming and even gardening. Any activity that makes you perspire or swear is good for the body as it eliminates or flushes out body toxins. You just have to find which activity you find interesting.

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How to Maintain Healthy Hair

How to Maintain Healthy HairThe hair, especially for a woman, is her crowning glory. Maintaining a healthy hair is then crucial. No one would like bald patches on her or his head. Even men would like their hair lustrous and healthy.




So, how can you maintain a healthy hair?


Here are some pointers you can observe to maintain the health of your hair

  1. Use only mild shampoo

Harsh shampoos can destroy your hair and cause split ends so, wash your hair with the mildest shampoo you can find in your store. Avoid shampoos containing these harmful substances:

Polyethylene glycol

  • Formaldehyde
  • Ammonium lauryl sulfate
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Alcohol
  • Diethanolamine
  • Triethanolamine

Read the label of the shampoo, if it contains any of these substances, then you may want to change your choice to a safer brand.


  1. Don’t subject your hair to extreme temperatures


Subjecting your hair to hot treatment very often can damage your hair. If you want to use heat, use lukewarm water only. Don’t use ice-cold water too. Extreme temperatures can be harmful to your hair.


  1. Avoid sleeping with your curlers on


Curly hair can be good in enhancing your face but you should do it during the day time and not when you go to sleep. You can injure your scalp and cause more split ends. When you have your hair styled or coiffured, ascertain that you don’t have any allergy to the ingredients used in styling your hair.


  1. Don’t comb your hair while it still wet


Most of us comb our hair while it is still wet. Avoid doing this because wet hair is easily uprooted and damaged. Dry your hair first with a soft towel, before combing. Don’t use a fine comb to disentangle hair.


  1. Wash your hair 3 times a week


Washing the hair very often will make it lose its natural oils. Hence, it’s advisable to wash your hair 3 times a week only. If you sweat a lot, then of course you can wash it daily but apply natural oil regularly.


  1. Trim your hair regularly


Trimming your hair regularly will diminish split ends. It will also allow your hair to grow uniformly. If you want it long, be sure you’re taking in the right amounts of calcium and vitamins so that your hair would have enough nutrients.


  1. Massage your scalp regularly


Massaging the scalp has been found out to increase circulation, enhancing the growth of hair and the health of the hair follicles. If your scalp is healthy, you will also grow healthy hair.


  1. Use natural oil, if necessary


When your hair is too dry, you can opt to use natural oils such as, virgin oil, which is popular in maintaining the health of your hair.


These are all the pointers you must implement if you want to maintain healthy hair. Remember to observe a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, hydrating yourself properly, eating a balanced diet, getting sufficient sleep and avoiding drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. This is due to the fact that when your body is healthy, your hair is healthy, as well.

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